Southern Maryland’s Award-Winning Heritage

The Southern Maryland Heritage Area Consortium has garnered recognition for its efforts on the part of the region and the state-wide Heritage Areas program.
At the Tourism and Travel Summit in Annapolis on Thursday, November 4th, Roz Racanello, Executive Director of the Heritage Area, accepted an award in the category of Cultural Heritage Tourism.
The Cultural Heritage Tourism Award is given for outstanding investments and contributions in stewardship and development of Maryland’s cultural heritage product as well as engagement in regional and statewide tourism initiatives.

Accepting the award, Racanello said, “This award is something I share with the hardworking tourism professionals in our three counties – it’s really the partnership with all of them that makes our efforts so much more dynamic.”
The Southern Maryland Heritage Area Consortium received the award for these unique partnerships and also for leadership in the preservation of the region’s hertiage sites and stories along with the environmental resources, in order to provide visitors with a sense of history and wonder when they come to Southern Maryland. The Heritage Area has secured more than $1.76 million in grants, has developed award-winning products and has participated in regional marketing intiatives.
The mission of the Southern Maryland Heritage Area Consortium (SMHAC) is to enhance the economic activity of Southern Maryland through combining quality heritage tourism and small business development with preservation, cultural and natural resource conservation and education. Contact the Consortium at 301-274-4083, or by email.
Photo Caption: Margot Amelia, Hannah Byron, Southern Maryland Heritage Area Director Roz Racanello and Department of Business and Economic Development Secretary Christian Johansson, at the Tourism Awards celebration.

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