Welcome, Jennifer Sparenberg!

Jen Sparenberg

Jen Sparenberg

This week, the Maryland Historical Trust welcomed Jennifer Sparenberg, a Certified Floodplain Manager and a hazard mitigation planner, as MHT’s new Hazard Mitigation Program Officer.  In her work in the private sector, Jen wrote and contributed to numerous hazard mitigation plans for local governments and flood mitigation publications for FEMA’s Building Science Branch. Jen is an archeologist currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Historic Preservation at Goucher College, where she was awarded the Julia Rogers Research Prize in 2013.  Jen enjoys long walks on National Seashores and is always ready and willing to talk about hazard mitigation.

Over the next two years, Jen will develop and implement MHT’s new Cultural Resources Hazard Mitigation Program, aimed at protecting historic places, archaeological sites, and cultural landscapes from the effects of sea level rise and coastal storms.  Under the program, MHT will develop model guidance and educational materials to assist local government with hazard mitigation planning for their cultural resources.  The City of Annapolis and other jurisdictions are already engaged in this work – these early plans will inform the development of best practices and case studies and provide real world examples that other local governments can apply to their planning processes.

As part of the new program, Jen will administer grants to help local governments plan for cultural resources threatened by coastal hazards.  Together, these activities will help protect Maryland’s heritage, achieving a more resilient future while preserving our past.

Jen can be reached at jen.sparenberg@maryland.gov.

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