Guest Blog – Old Bohemia Tenant House Curatorship Available

By Peter Morrill, Curator Program Manager, Maryland Department of Natural ResourcesOld Bohemia Tenant House

Do you ever dream about restoring and living in a historic house? Or living on pristine rural land within one of Maryland’s beautiful Wildlife Management Areas?  If so, check out the Department of Natural Resources Resident Curatorship Program.  The Curatorship Program offers historically significant state-owned properties to private individuals for rehabilitation.  In exchange for rehabbing and maintaining the property, curators are given lifetime tenancy – rent free.  The Curatorship Program allows private individuals to breathe new life into significant historic properties which might otherwise be lost.

DSC_0345The Old Bohemia Tenant House, located to the north-west of Warwick in Cecil County, is the last remaining example of the farmhouses constructed to work the land owned by the Roman Catholic Clergy. Constructed ca. 1840, the house is made up of a 2-1/2 story main block with an attached 1-1/2 story kitchen wing. The main block contains seven rooms and two bathrooms while the wing contains three rooms, a laundry/mud room and a kitchen. The property retains much of its historic fabric including hardwood floors, original stair banister and four fireplaces with wood mantels.  The property is situated within the boundaries of Old Bohemia Wildlife Management Area which encompasses approximately 1,000 acres of agricultural fields, forest and non-tidal wetlands.


Anyone interested in becoming curators of the historic Old Bohemia Tennant House is invited to join the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for an open house.  Come tour the house and grounds between 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, June 13th and learn more abut this historic property and Maryland’s Curatorship Program.

The open houses will take place at 300 Church Road, just north of Warwick, MD. The Old Bohemia Tennant House property will only be available to the public by appointment or during open houses.

For more information on the Old Bohemia Tenant House or the Resident-Curatorship Program, please visit, or contact Peter Morrill at or 410-260-8457.DSC_0167 DSC_0329 DSC_0261

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