WANTED: Rehabilitation Tax Credit Program Staff

Do you have an eye for detail?

Do you enjoy engaging with people?

Do you value historic buildings?

Melissa at Thomas Point Lighthouse

Former tax credit staff Melissa Archer at Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse.

If so, you might want to consider applying for a position with MHT!  We are currently hiring two new preservation officers to serve as rehabilitation tax credit program reviewers within MHT’s Office of Preservation Services (OPS).  These new MHT’ers will have unique opportunities to make a real difference in the preservation of buildings large and small across the state.  Check out the job posting here — the deadline to apply is September 22.

“I’ve lived in Maryland for 5 years and can say I’ve visited every county and seen so many gorgeous historic towns and villages that I never knew existed. The opportunity to see all of Maryland’s best places is a huge perk of working at MHT,” according to Melissa Archer, who worked for MHT both as a tax credit officer and as our easement inspector.  Since June, Melissa has been carrying on her love of old buildings in her new position as a project manager in the Division of Neighborhood Revitalization in Maryland’s Department of Housing and Community Development.

Renee and Melissa at the Senator Theater

Former tax credit staff Melissa Archer and Renee Novak admire the murals at Baltimore’s Senator Theater.

Our tax credit officers are involved in the review of projects as diverse as Footer’s Dye Works,  a massive remnant of Cumberland’s industrial heritage; Clifton Mansion, which Baltimore merchant and philanthropist Johns Hopkins transformed from a farmhouse into an Italianate villa; and the rehabilitation of the diverse structures at Silver Spring’s National Park Seminary into unique residences.  In addition, the tax credit programs benefit numerous smaller commercial projects and literally hundreds of homeowners each year.  Melissa notes, “I worked with a lot of homeowners who clearly loved their historic houses and truly wanted to do the right thing. Giving them the resources to preserve irreplaceable historic features that they otherwise couldn’t afford to save was very rewarding.”

The tax credit officer positions will work in concert with other MHT programs, including the easement program, grant and loan programs, and the National Register program.  In addition to working closely with property owners, architects, and consultants on specific projects, tax credit staff interface with local government staff and conduct presentations in numerous jurisdictions geared toward potential applicants.  In addition, they coordinate with the National Park Service on reviews of federal tax credit projects.  Significantly, tax credit staff also often find themselves at the forefront of discussions about historic preservation and sustainability.  As Melissa recalls, “I always felt that it was my job to educate and inspire property owners to save historic material, if not for the aesthetics then for the environment. Trying to keep old growth wood out of the landfill was a big part of my job.”  (Also see Melissa’s blog post about solar panels.)

Renee in Bulle Rock basement

Renee Novak boldly goes wherever technical assistance is needed…

So if you think you might be that perfect individual with technical “chops”, interpersonal skills, and a deep respect for the preservation cause, have a look at our job posting. We hope to see you at our offices in Crownsville soon!

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